hazardous Substances

One of Vabix’s specialism’s is handling dangerous goods. The Vabix Warehouses are classified at the highest level of protection: level 1 ( PGS 15 ). Five special separate compartments ( 2600m² ) available for Warehousing dangerous goods are equipped argonite-gas automatic fire-extinguisher system, impermeable floors and automatic fire and chemical detection systems. The special warehouses for dangerous materials are comprised of 5 compartments of a special explosion- resistant design. Consequently in the event of a disaster such as a fire the warehoused goods will not suffer water or foam damage; and our clients will be able to continue the uninterrupted supply of goods to their customers.


Professional organization
No damage to goods caused by water or foam
All goods are subjected to professional protection and inspection

Safety First

Our Warehouse in Rotterdam is newly built to high safety standards and is located in an Industrial Area where the storage of such hazardous materials is permitted.
Among your goods we protect ourselves and environment.
The protection of your goods and their packaging is assigned priority throughout the entire Warehousing process according safety precautions. Vabix is specialized in offering maximum protection on warehousing of your goods. We operate PGS 15 protection level 1 warehouses for the storage and handling of hazardous goods. To minimize risks and maintain 100% control we have highly trained and skilled staff and our warehouses are equipped with a high-tech fire extinguishing- system. All operations are supervised by our Automated WMS ( Warehouse Management System ).


Product protection.
No water, smoke or foam damage.
Knowledge of hazardous materials.